Brian Busser

Brian Busser

Brian Busser

Managing Partner & Founder

Brian has the pleasure of leading the creative team behind Right to Evolve and is usually the first point of contact for services and projects. Since Evolve is a small team Brian also gets to wear multiple hats which include, graphic design, marketing, SEO, advertisement, drone pilot, project manager, sales, and causing havoc in Microsoft Teams.

Brian has worked in the digital industry since 2012 on projects for clients such as Biography Channel, Microsoft and worked with Google for their Maps department. Brian is also a certified FAA sUAV (drone) pilot and has completed over 20 successful flights.

He enjoys providing answers and solutions for business small and large. All of those solutions usually stem from a marketing need like print material, online campaigns, website, and much more. At Evolve it really comes down to helping people and business showcase themselves to the rest of the City, Country, or World.

Outside Right to Evolve, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter usually on some adventure with friends and family. Even a trip to the local Culvers with them is an adventure and he cherishes every minute.

Brian is originally from Rock Springs, WI but has lived in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington. All the while spreading the joy of cheese curds, Green Bay Packers, and fun facts about Wisconsin to whomever he meets along the way.

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Brian Busser
Job Title
Managing Partner & Founder
Right to Evolve
200 West Warren Street,
Tomah, WI, 54660