Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in 2022

Jan 19, 2022

Digital media is everywhere, and in a world adjusting to the “new normal”, brands are searching for the best ways to increase awareness while perfecting the customer experience. Each year, marketing in the digital space becomes more complicated and time-consuming with the evolution of new and old social channels, and the beginning of the year is the time to be on the lookout for emerging trends within those spaces.

Looking onto the new year, here are some digital marketing trends that can help your brand boost revenue and increase awareness on all platforms.

Simple Content-

The internet is filled with content, and in the age of digital marketing customers’ feeds are flooded with brands fighting for attention using flowers and frills to make their content stand out. Tim Clarke, director of sales and marketing at SEOBlog.com, stated that brands need to focus on creating content that is meaningful to users— and they want simple content. “In 2022, everything will be algorithm-driven, and brands should provide a user experience that customers want, or their content will be less relevant,” he said. “The amount of information on the internet is enormous and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to absorb all the data presented. So, to stand out from the crowd, delivering informative yet straightforward content will be a wise choice.”

Video Marketing–

If the pandemic has taught us anything in the marketing world, it’s that videos are taking over in the digital space, and we as professionals need to adapt. Apps that provide video content like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram Reels continue to thrive, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. When searching for new products or services to try, customers aren’t just using Google, they’re using social media. According to a report by Wowzyl, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service, and 79% say a brand video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or app.


Lately, it seems that you can’t get away from hearing about cryptocurrency when it comes to making purchases online. This not-so-new way of making purchases online has been around since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, but only for a specific niche audience. Now, big businesses are dipping their toes into the world of decentralized finance. “In relation to payments, for example, cryptocurrencies are driving massive changes in relation to the biggest processors like Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard,” added Shaun Heng, vice president of growth and operations at price-tracking site CoinMarketCap. “This has big implications on how products and services engage with their customers and marketers will be eager to align themselves with the potential for increased demographic reach.” The adoption of cryptocurrency in the marketing world is a winding road, but the transition to this “new” form of payment is well on its way.

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